Posted: November 8, 2015 in Wrestling
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Following on from the epic surprise at Battleground, Summerslam 2015 aims to make the fights bigger and more brutal then previous years. We even get a fun speech to open the night from the hardcore legend Mick Foley which is fun and gets the crowd into the mood.  The crowd are vocal which really helps the atmosphere as there is nothing worse than a bored crowd (well there is but you get my gist).

So straight into the first match of the evening;. Sheamus vs Randy Orton.  Form the beginning of the match it’s obvious it’s going to be a brutal battle between the two performers. It’s a good fun to-fro match doesn’t break any new ground in terms of what it does but it is highly watchable and never outstays it’s welcome. I must say that I do tire a little of Sheamus being the @big bad guy’ as he isn’t really that interesting a wrestler. 6/10

Next we have a Fatal Four-way: The Lucha Dragons vs The New Day vs Los Matadores vs The Prime Time Players. The whole thing is pretty bad in my view. All 4 teams are annoying and really lack any proper chemistry. They do let off some good high flying manoeuvres but that isn’t enough to to save this tiresome match. 3/10

Luckily next up we have a fairly good match; Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev. This is your classic quick versus big match with Ziggler propelling himself around the ring trying to avoid Rusev’s massive strength. It’s a pretty fun match with some impressive moments and some brilliant chemistry between the two of them. Ziggler helps keep everything amusing with his usual fun style of wrestling. The ending does let the match down slightly but overall it worth a watch. 7/10

Now come the promos for one of the big matches of the evening; Neville & Stephen Amell (Yes the Green Arrow himself!) vs Barret & Stardust. The build-up is absolutely awesome and really gets you pumped up for the match. There is a large focus on the reasons of why the actor Amell is having to fight and how Stardust believes that he is actually the Green Arrow . It’s all very silly but at the same time is really fun. The actual match is pretty damn awesome as well. Neville throws himself round the ring as is expecting, landing some really impressive aerial manoeuvres while Amell stands on the side line. I was expecting Amell to not get involved but to his credit he jumps in the ring and does a really good job. He puts his all into it and seems to be loving every moment of it. The whole match is some good silly fun that hides some pretty impressive technical wrestling. 8/10

Ryback returns to WWE after a bad injury in what could have been an awesome match; Ryback vs The Miz vs Big Show, but it quickly falls into a silly mess. It’s ok and there are some brutally hard hits thrown around, but as PPV match it really does lack any real kind of spark. It could be worse but it really is very average. 6/10

The arena goes dark and the epic promos for Wyatt and Reigns’ epic feud begin. They tell an awesome story through the clips and show how well-crafted each of the characters are. When the promos end one of the headline matches of the evening begins; Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns vs Luke Harper & Bray Wyatt. From the entrances of the superstars, we know this match is going to be something special. Reigns and Wyatt especially have such presence in the ring that you can’t help but look on in awe. The match itself is brutal and stunning to watch. Each wrestler works well together and you can see they have a great respect for one another and a great level of trust. Some of the moves are truly brutal and looks dramatically painful.  The only thing that doesn’t quite work (and in my view, never has) is Ambrose’s bouncing punches off the middle rope. They looks silly and really are a pointless series of moves. Everything else though is spot on and really elevate this match towards the top of this year’s matches. 9/10

With the previous match being so awesome it was going to be hard to follow. John Cena vs Seth Rollins aims to do this but unfortunately fails. The match has a good build up and has some good moves thrown in, but it all feels very stale. We’ve seen it all before and there is nothing new. The match is overlong and culminates in a rather predictable and rubbish ending.  6/10

The Divas are next as is customary for every PPV event. This event has a three team elimination match in the hope to do something interesting with its female wrestlers; Team Bella (Alicai Fox, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella) vs B.A.D (Sasha Banks, Naomie, Tamina) vs P.C.B (Paige, Charlotte, Becky Lynch). Divas matches generally fall flat for me as they generally are just boring hair pulling affairs but here they do seem to try. It’s not as bad as the usual matches but it feels very much like they are trying to take a page out of TNA Wrestling with the style of match they are going for. It wasn’t a bad time but there are definitely better matches out there. It feels like in recent years WWE has dialled back the Divas matches and watered them down a lot which is a shame. 6/10

The penultimate match of the evening; Kevin Owens vs Cesaro feels very misplaced. It feels much like a TV match and not something for a PPV. I found that the whole match was very boring and tiresome with very little chemistry between the two of them and very little to keep someone watching apart from the fact that it’s the penultimate match. 4/10

So we get to the ultimate event of the evening, the one that has been building since Wrestlemania 30. The match that aims to be one of the biggest of the entire year; Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker. The build up is phenomenal with interviews with other superstars and some stunning highlights. WWE never cease to nail a good promo. The crowd are roaring with anticipation as the two epic warriors enter the ring. Both are intimidating and have such powerful presence about them. Even though The Undertaker is pushing 50, he still can hold his own against the firey spirt of Lesnar. The match is brutal with punches and moves echoing through the arena. It really is an epic to-and-fro battle to the death (well almost death).  Everything is going so well in this near perfect match until the ending, which is almost bad enough to smash all that has been built before to the ground. This is easily one of the biggest disappointments of the night. The match itself is easily one of the best of the year, but the ending really does knock it down. It’s a match well worth watching but be warned that the ending may leave a sour taste in the mouth. 9/10 for the match itself, (1/10 for the ending)

The whole evening is a good night overall with two matches that I’d consider must-watches for any wrestling fans.

The disk is as expected from WWE and provides us with great visual presentation and a stunning audio mix. You really can’t go wrong with the presentation.

While the some of the matches were not that good, most served to be watchable at the very least and at least help make the great matches feel even greater. Overall a good PPV with two truly stand out matches.

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