Posted: November 8, 2015 in Wrestling
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Another month, another WWE PPV. Being one of the events that’s reasonably close to Wrestlemania and one of the newer PPV’s in the WWE (replacing No Way Out in 2013), does Payback suffer the fate of being just another series of TV matches pushed onto a larger stage?

The first match sets about making a bold statement; Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler. In recent times Sheamuss has started to be pushed quite hard into the foray again after a little time knocked out from the spotlight. He has a ‘bad-boy’ image and sets to be a more brutal wrestler. Ziggler on the other hand is the polar opposite; fun, quick and funny. The match is fun and features a good series of interaction between the two stars. There are a fair few moments when you had no idea who would win. It also gets pretty brutal and overall is a pretty damn fun match. It doesn’t do much new but it does do what it does very well. 7/10

Next up is the tag team match of the evening; The New Day vs Tyson Kidd & Cesaro. I really dislike The New Day, I find that they try too hard at being fun and they just fail on every level. This leads me to automatically have a sour taste in my mouth when watching them. The match itself is fair. It features some epic moments and some cool moves but I found it dragged on a bit and outstayed its welcome slightly. 6/10

Bray Wyatt vs Ryback proves that this PPV does hold some shine. I love watching these two battle it out. In recent times I have really grown to like Wyatt’s character and feel that he is a great performer. Ryback, while I don’t like him that much, does give us this good powerplay that is brutal. The match is pretty good and they play off one another well. It’s worth a watch and if nothing else proves that Wyatt is a great watch. 7/10

After a few cool promos we are presented with one of the other big matches of the night; John Cena vs Rusev. These two have had a fair few fights in the past few months and most have been merely ok. I don’t think too much of Rusev and I’ve begun to grow tired of Cena, so I really wasn’t looking forward to this match. I was pleasantly surprised. The match is a long gruelling one which goes back and forth and gives both wrestlers the time to truly shine. The strength of both of them is amazing and they lets off some brutal attacks on one another. I really enjoyed this match and It was one of the great surprises of the night. 7/10

What do we have next I hear you ask! Well it’s the Divas match for the evening; The Bella Twins vs Naoimi & Tamina. As with most Divas matches, there’s the usual drama that’s thrown in for no other reason than to create a false friction (and so they need less time actually wrestling). These wrestlers can do a god job when they want to and to be fair they aren’t that bad here. I’ve seen far worse Divas matches but they still have some way to go to make their matches stand up with the best WWE matches.  We get some good moves but a lot of it looks very tame and contrived to be really enjoyable. 6/10

With nothing truly outstanding so far in the event King Barrett vs Neville seems to try and re-catch the onlookers with some high flying moves from the Latter mixed and some brutal hits from the former.  It does a pretty good job at this. The whole match plays out quite nicely and doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. It is spoilt a little by a slightly silly ending but overall it’s one of the better matches of this PPV. It’s well worth a watch, especially if you like either or both of the wrestlers that are involved. 7/10

Finally we get to the most anticipated event of the night, the epically built up Fatal 4-way; Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton. This match has had a lot of momentum thrown towards it as the 15 minutes of promos and build up video show before anyone even enters the ring. Each of these stars proves that he is his own individual person. They are all interesting to watch by themselves but together they all work like a perfectly formed unit. The chemistry is great and each wrestler looks like they are having a great time (in a dramatic ‘I’m not happy’ kind of way). There are so many stand out moments in the match including one that blew the fans humble minds. I loved this match and would say that it stands above all other matches that the PPV had to offer. A definite must watch 9/10

The DVD boasts great audio and visual presentation, but this has come to be expected from all of the recent releases from WWE.

Overall the event was pretty average but the final match demands that it be seen. I’d say it’s worth giving the whole event a shot. It’s definitely not as good as the other PPV’s this year but then again there has only been 4 so far (two of which being the biggest of the year). Here’s looking forward to seeing what WWE has in store for the rest of the year.

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