Posted: November 8, 2015 in Wrestling
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beast in east

When I first heard about this DVD I was expecting it to be a retrospective of Brock Lesnar, what with the title being what it is and all of the promo artwork featuring Lesnar in full intimidating form.  Upon receiving a copy I was surprised to find that it is actually a PPV from July 2015 which took place in Tokyo. This was a big deal for WWE as it was the first time that they did a full PPV and aired it live across their network. I knew nothing of this event but was intrigued to see what would be different (if anything) from the usual US shows.

From the get go we can see that the arena is a much more intimate affair then the big venues that WWE tend to use. It’s not small by any sense of the word but it feels much more like an Indie event from the likes of PCW rather than the big guns of the WWE. It’s a nice change and I really liked the feel you get from watching it (which is helped by the really enthusiastic Japanese audience). There are lots of things that resemble the old fashioned days of ECW with a much rawer vibe to everything.

With the great set up onto the actual matches;

First up we have Chris Jericho vs Neville in an amazingly old-school match that is fun and really energetic once it gets going. Both wrestlers put their all into the match and give the audience what they want. The crowd seem to love what is going on and their pleasure is infectious. With these two wrestlers, you never quite know what to expect and they don’t fail to impress with high flying moves, grappling and some brutal looking hits. I loved this match and felt like it was a send back to the attitude era. 8/10

Next we have the obligatory Divas match which is a Triple threat: Paige vs Tamina vs Nikki Bella. I usually find Divas matches tiresome as they generally feel samey and never really go anywhere other than maybe a few good moves. Here though I was surprised that the whole match felt a lot rougher than usual and each of the Divas felt like they were throwing themselves fully into it. This was a definite surprise and was probably one of the better Divas matches I’ve seen in a long time. 7/10

We are introduced to the usual epic promos that WWE have become masters at putting together.  These all pretty much focus on Lesnar and how he ‘destroys’ everyone he faces. As always the promos really pump up the arena and set up the match perfectly.

This leads us to the main event Brock Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston. When Lesnar enters the arena the crowd literally erupts in cheering. You can see that even through his hard demeanour he is enjoying it.   You kind of know what to expect nowadays with Lesnar and he does what he does best and puts on a brutally awesome show of strength and power. The match may be short but it is oh so sweet. 8/10

How do you follow up such an awesome fight I hear you shout. Well by having one of the most epic and incredible entrances in recent years by Finn Balor as he makes his way to the ring for the next match Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens. The whole entrance feels like a theatre production and is just stunning to watch.  Owens’ entrance is nowhere near as cool but he still has his burtal uncaring swagger to the ring. The match is a proper to-and-fro battle between good (Balor) and evil (Owens). They pull surprises constantly and keep the audience guessing. Without spoiling the ending, the praise the winner gets is beautiful and really powerful. 8/10

The final match of the evening is a tag-team event; King Barrett & Kane vs Dolph Ziggler & John Cena. Again I have found in recent events that the tag team matches have been the same old and have got very tiresome before their eventual end. But this match was a good fight. There are a bunch of fun interactions between everyone and they all seem to be having a great time. I was pleasantly surprised by this match and, as with all the other matches of the evening thought it was one of the better matches in this year’s PPV scrapbook. 8/10

Overall I loved the whole event and found that it was a consistently fun and at times brutal time. Each match is worth it’s runtime and each has a great vibe to it.

The actual disk is visually as good as every other recent release and is stunningly sharp and watchable. The audio isn’t as great but that is down to the acoustics of the arena as much as anything else.

Extras-wise the disk contains 2 extra matches Cesaro vs Diego and Newday vs Lucha Dragons. The Cesaro match is pretty good with some good interaction between to two and is an OK watch. The tag match with Newday on the other hand was pretty poor but it doesn’t help that I dislike both teams and really don’t think they should exist within the WWE.

Altogether this event is a must watch for any fans of modern WWE or even those who have fond memories of ECW and the attitude era of WWE. Hands down the most consistent PPV of the year.

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