WWE Battleground 2015 – Blu-ray Review

Posted: November 8, 2015 in Wrestling
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As with all of WWE’s pay-per-views, Battleground 2015 features an almighty build up video highlighting all of the major events leading up to the night. This does an amazing job of pumping the audience up for what is to come and is something that the WWE video editors have become masters in constructing.  This can sometimes lead to large expectations that are never met. With this year’s PPVs all being pretty strong or have at least containing enough to make them worth watching, is Battleground 2015 one of those nights or is it a failure?


The event begins with an ok match: Randy Orton vs Sheamus; It’s the usual sort of match between the two of them. It starts reasonably boringly and gets slightly better as it progresses. It’s nothing special but is perfectly serviceable. It doesn’t help that the audience don’t seem to be entirely on board until towards the end.

Next we have the Tag-Team championship match: The New Day vs The Prime Time Players; We get a pretty mediocre match which features the odd interesting manoeuvre but is ultimately not great. On the plus side the match is over pretty quickly, leading us to one of the big matches of the night.

Roman Regins vs Bray Wyatt; Now this is more like it. The build-up video is incredible and highlights the great characters that are Wyatt and Reigns. It really gets the adrenaline pumping and makes for a stunning spectacle. This is followed by Wyatt’s phenomenal entrance that as always sends shivers down the spine. It is so well crafted and really highlights the power Wyatt holds over the audience. From the get go both Wyatt and Reigns are on top form and put in a great show. Each hit looks brutal and each move works. They are great performers and really work well together. The match is constantly unpredictable with both wrestlers getting their moments to shine. This is a stunning match and one that is a definite watch.

Following the amazing Wyatt/Reigns match is the Divas Triple threat match: Sasha Banks  vs Charlotte  vs Brie Bella; As usual the girls have lots of energy but seem adamant in expelling it by shouting at one another rather than putting on a great show. It’s boring, tiresome and ultimately not really worth a watch. The divas have proved in the past that they can give out good matches that rival their male counterparts, but this really isn’t one of them.

The second big event of the night was the United States Championship: John Cena  vs  Kevin Owens; What starts out as a pretty cool match, quickly becomes a paint by numbers style occasion where the performers just go through the usual routines. Owens and Cena work well together and they get the job done, it’s just they don’t succeed in doing much more. It’s worth a watch for the interactions between the two of them but it really isn’t anything special.

This leads us onto the main event:  Brock Lesnar  vs Seth Rollins; This match has one of the most epic build ups I have seen. Each wrestler is presented in such a way that neither is the bad guy. Lesnar is as intimidating as ever as he stands against Rollins. Form the start we are given a brutal and epic show of power from Lesnar which highlights how strong he is. Rollins gets some good moves in and uses his speed to get around. It’s a match that doesn’t break new ground, but it’s one that is still awesome all the same. It also has one of the best and stunning surprise endings in recent years. It’s a definite must watch.

When all is said and done, Battleground 2015 doesn’t stand out as a phenomenal event, but it is one that features two stunning matches and one of the big WWE surprises of 2015. It feels like they are trying to hard to push the new NXT talent into the roster that they lose some of the old-school magic. It’s by no means bad, and I stand by the awesomeness of the Reigns/Wyatt and the Lesnar/Rollins matches. It’s worth a watch at the very least.


As with all of the recent WWE productions the audio and visual presentation on the Blu-ray is stunning. Colours pop and the whole experience looks great. The audio is as good as the picture highlighting the crowd chants as well as the wrestlers in ring taunts. Blu-ray really is the best way to experience these matches.


The Blu-ray disk features a fair ly good selection of extras including extra matches and interviews;

R-Truth  vs King Barrett –Battleground kick off show

Post-match interview with Paige, Becky Lynch and a special guest

The New Day teach the power of positivity to JoJo


John Cena responds to Kevin Owens – WWE RAW 22 June 2015

8 man tag match: The New Day & Bo Dallas vs the Lucha Dragons & The Prime Time Players – WWE Smackdown 25 June 2015

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins & Kane – WWE RAW 29 June 2015

WWE championship contract signing – WWE RAW 13 July 2015


Overall this, like most of WWE’s recent releases is well worth checking out. Taken as a whole event, the night may not be amazing but what it lacks in this respect it makes up for in a few stunning matches. With strong audio and visuals, as well as a wide selection of good extras, this is one WWE Blu-ray that is well worth owning.

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