Quick Movie Review: The Loved Ones – 2009 – directed by Sean Bryne

Posted: April 12, 2013 in horror
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If Lola loves you, you’re sure to find out…..

I expected this to be your average teen slasher horror and was pleasantly surprised with a fairly refreshing take on a tired genre.

The basic set up is out of the way quite quickly with Xavier Samuel’s character Brent turning down Lola’s (Robin McLeavy) invitation to the school prom. She doesn’t take this too well and with the help of her father, kidnaps him and submits him to her own kind of torture.

It’s a pretty basic plot but has a few nice twists and turns hidden away. It feels a lot like the original ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ film just with a boy at the hands of the villain instead of a girl. The dinner table scene feels very reminiscent of the same sort of scene in Tobe Hooper’s horror classic. As the film progresses, so do the methods of torture, until we reach some very extreme situations of punishment.  The pacing is top notch, as is the script which helps keep the audience captivated until the credits role.

The acting on the whole is very good with an amazingly nasty turn from Robin McLeavy as the evil Lola.  By the end of the film I wanted her to die at every turn. Xavier Samuel is great as the male lead, although at times he puts on the same pout that Kristen Stewart has used throughout her career. John Brumpton is also great as Lola’s equally crazy father.

The film looks beautiful with some stand out cinematography. This really helps the film stand out from the crowd and I must say makes it one of the prettiest torture films I’ve ever seen.  The stunning visuals are helped by some truly great sound mixing that helps build and maintain a great atmosphere throughout.

At the end of the day, what we have here is a horror film which is different from the norm and a bit of fresh air. It has some great small touches such as Brent’s razor blade that is his means of escape in more ways than one. I would say that the film is very grim and never really steps out of this. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it sometimes feels a little over the top. The film is also kind of pointless in the fact that no-one really learns anything. This is helped by the fact the film is constantly interesting and is always throwing something new at the viewer.

I did really enjoy it and would definitely recommend it. Although I’m not sure if I’d really want to see it again. 7/10

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