Quick Movie Review: Seed – 2007 – directed by Uwe Boll

Posted: February 9, 2013 in horror
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Let me just say I am not one of those who hate Uwe Boll. I actually really like a few of his films (Rampage, Darfur, Tunnel Rats), his other films are all amusing because they are so bad (except Far Cry). It feels very much like his best films are those that aren’t based on a video game franchise. He should focus more on these smaller films as they really aren’t all bad.

So… Is Seed good because it’s not based on an existing franchise?


It’s taken me a little while to figure out how I really feel about the film as it is very different from his other movies. This one follows a mass murderer Max Seed as he seeks revenge on those who put him in the electric chair and failed to kill him. It’s an unfortunate turn of events as they fail after 3 shocks to kill him and instead of setting him free (a practice given up before the electric chair came into effect) they bury him alive. – Probably not the best Move

The detective who takes it in his own hands to stop Seed is played by the great Michael Paré. (If you’ve read my Komodo vs Cobra review you’ll know how much I love him) But even he fails to save this film.

So what’s the problem with the film?

Well it’s a mean-spirited film which aims to shock for the sake of it (unlike films like ‘August Underground’ that actually try to use shock as a means of evoking a study on violence). This film opens with real footage of animals being tortured and killed ( the footage is from PETA and is used with them knowing) The fact that it is being used for an entertainment medium is what annoys me. It almost feels like Uwe Boll decided his film wasn’t shocking enough so he would use footage of real animal cruelty (which is far more sickening and horrible than anything Boll films). I actually found it hard to watch but hoped Boll would have a good reason for using the footage. He did not.

The rest of the film is just your basic, badly acted revenge horror with the odd scene of strong violence thrown in to shock. One scene in particular that just goes on and on is a scene where scene is hitting someone with a hammer. the first 30 seconds are quite shocking but then it just gets boring and unrealistic.( I’ve read people state that it is the most realistic violence they’ve seen on-screen that isn’t real….. They clearly haven’t seen ‘August Underground’, ‘Men behind the sun’, ”I never left the white room’. I could go one for a long time … even ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ is more realistic). All of the films I’ve mentioned have some reasoning behind the violence but not here. It felt much like ‘a Serbian Film’ which again for me felt like a pointless excercise in shock to disguise how bad the film actually is.

It is just a nasty little film with very little merit. The direction is OK I guess for what it is and occasionally the cinematography is ok (although large amounts of the film are just far to dark). Paré is just OK but it was hard to really like much about this film.

So is it Boll’s worst film?

After a fair amount of thinking about it, I’d probably say yes. Even the worst of his other films (Far Cry) are kinda fun in a bad way. This is just nasty for the sake of it (this is coming from someone who considers ‘AU’ and ‘I Never Left the White Room’ truly great horror films) . I’m not sure what I was expecting but I really did not enjoy it in the slightest. 1/10 (for Paré alone)

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