Quick Movie Review: Desperate Measures – 1998 – directed by Barbet Schroeder

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Action
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Andy Garcia vs Michael Keaton in a hospital……

The basic synopsis for the story is;

Frank Conner’s (Garcia) kid needs an urgent bone marrow transplant. The only match it Peter McCabe (Keaton) a convicted murderer. McCabe sees this as his perfect chance at escape. As he runs around the hospital evading swat teams and police, Conner finds himself in a tricky position. He must capture McCabe alive so his son can have the transplant meaning he’s going to need to protect him from the rest of the authorities.

It’s a pretty cool idea for what is essentially a chase film in a hospital. The pace of the film is fast throughout and there is very little let-up. Both Garcia and Keaton are on top form and play off one another really well. (Keaton makes a great semi likeable villain.) There are some great sequences such as McCabe’s initial escape into a packed hospital reception.

The problem is, although there are some great scenes and some great acting, as a whole the film doesn’t ever set itself apart from any other chase movie (and if anything the hospital setting wears a little thin by the end.) Don’t get me wrong, It’s not bad by a long stretch, it’s just nothing special (which ultimately effected my enjoyment of the film). It’s worth a watch if you like this sort of thing but it won’t convert any who don’t. 6/10

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