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Five people ride the shuttle bus from the airport when all hell begins to break loose and they realise some of them may not be getting off.

It’s a very simple idea and for this reason the film stays reasonably focuses throughout it’s run time. It does occasionally get bogged down in the general clichés that plague many films like this (gore, lead female not escaping when she get a chance.) It also plays of the same sense of fear that ‘Saw’ created; ‘What if?’. It is quite a powerful thought. and it makes you think. Everyday in our lives this ‘what if?’ can always occur:

  • What if I got up ten minutes later?
  • What if I hadn’t stopped to tie my shoe?
  • What if?……………

This generally works with time and generally only really occurs when something goes wrong. This makes it a great thing to play on in the horror Genre.

The cast of the film all do a pretty admiral job with their roles (although Cameron Goodman became very whiney and annoying towards the end) . It is filmed pretty well for a budget horror and never exceeds its runtime.

I don’t want to say anything at all about the plot as I really enjoyed watching things unfold and I think it’s what made me enjoy the film as much as I did.  It’s worth a watch (but let me warn you, it is not a happy film and can get very depressing in places.) 6/10