Quick Movie Review: The Sweeney – 2012 – directed by Nick Love

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Thriller
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Based on the classic British Tv show about a sect of the police force that use extreme measures to get their perps, this 2012 film had a lot of pressure behind it to be great. Did it succeed? Not really….

It stars Ray Winstone and Ben Drew as the two leads who along with the rest of the squad, go after a group of diamond thieves.

The actors do a pretty good job with the awful script and to be fair Nick Love does a reasonably good job directing the action. The film famously ran into numerous problems during shooting and had to be short within a far smaller timeframe then they expected with far less money then they expected. For what it’s worth the film does look nice and there are some incredibly well choreographed and filmed set pieces.

The first of these set-pieces being a run and gun battle through Trafalgar Square in London. For those who aren’t from the UK, it is probably one of the busiest places in London you can visit and there are rules about not being able to hinder people walking round (so the crew had to work around them.) . The film crew managed to, somehow film a pretty good gun fight across the square and across a few roads in less than a day. It looks like it took them a lot longer by the glossiness of the final footage.  The other great set piece is a car chase through a caravan park which was filmed by the camera crew from the british car show ‘Top Gear’ (as they were used to filming high-speed car chases). It looks very good and makes a pretty good action sequence.

This leads us to one of the films biggest problems; It doesn’t seem to know if it wants to be an action film of a straight police thriller. When it’s not doing action, it’s very poor indeed. Evene the action has been done better (and with far less CGI bullet holes). For a better street gun fight see ‘Heat’, for better car chases see ‘French Connection’ and for a better film featuring british gangsters watch ‘Snatch’ or ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’.

There isn’t much to recommend the film for really. It has a poor script, bad story, OK acting and Ok action. If anything it’s worth renting the DVD just for the making of which was far more interesting and enjoyable then the actual film. 4/10


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