Quick Movie Review: The Last Stand – 2013 – directed by Jee-Woon Kim

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Action
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Arnie is getting too old for this……

This is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first film as the lead man since Terminator 3 which was made over 10 years ago. Even then he was beginning to look like an old man. Now at the age of 66 he really is looking his age. That’s not to say he’s bad in the film (he’s awesome and it is a great return to form) but it shows why there is less action in the film, especially for a movie marketed as an action film.  I must say though, it is great seeing Arnie doing what he does best (well at least in the last 30 mins of the film).

I went into the film expecting an ‘Assault on precinct 13’ style film with Arnie and his other sheriffs defending the town from criminals. That never really happens. What we get is a kind of police thriller/ mystery until the final 30 mins when we get all out action. It almost feels like it’s too little, too late. It is some amazing action and is great to watch but the beginning of the film is just boring and not a very good build up. I wouldn’t have minded if the film was shorter, but being just short of 2 hours it feels a bit too long.

I will say that Arnie’s co stars are great with an excellent turn from Johnny Knoxville as the local gun nut.

As I’ve said, it’s nice to see Arnie back but it’s not the same as when he was in his heyday. overall i’d say it’s worth a watch , just don’t go in expecting all out action throughout the film. 7/10

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