Quick Movie Review: Hider in the House – 1989 – directed by Matthew Patrick

Posted: February 4, 2013 in horror
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Man, Gary Busey is awesome. He seems to revel in playing the bad guy (check out ‘Under Siege’, ‘Lethal Weapon’, ‘Predator 2’), although in this I don’t know if you can call him a bad guy in the classic sense. He comes across as a ‘boogeyman’ figure from the trailers but in the movie it is much more complicated to explain what he is.

The film revolves around Busey’s mentally ill Tom Sykes who has just got out of a hospital after being committed as a child for burning down his family home, subsequently killing his abusive father. As he has nowhere to live, he decides he is going to live in the attic of a large property that is being renovated. He builds himself a ‘secret’ hidey hole and seems content in his new home. Soon a family move in leading to Sykes’ becoming emotionally involved (in a slightly insane) way with the family and especially Mimi Rogers’ character Julie. Things quickly start to unravel as Sykes struggles to keep his sanity in check.

The film has the feel of the original ‘Halloween’ film in the fact that you get the constant feeling that the ‘boogeyman’ is always watching and could be anywhere. Sykes sneaks around the house at night, getting food and generally snooping. He knows the house inside and out and has learnt how to move silently through it. (although he does get seen from time to time). There is no real gore in the film and no real violence until the end. The film is all the better because of this.

Busey plays the role amazingly well and definitely one of the most realistic mentally ill creeps to ever grace our screens. (I think it’s his eyes, or more accurately the crazed look he seems to naturally have on them. He almost feels like a rabid animal that could flip at any time.)

I don’t want to go into any details about how the story develops because I really think it’s a film that should be seen. It’s creepy, brooding and a great night in. 7.5/10

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