Quick Movie Review: Darkness Falls – 2003- directed by Jonathan Liebesman

Posted: February 3, 2013 in horror
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It’s quite impressive how far director Leibesman has come in the last 12 years after making his feature debut with this catastrophe of a horror film (he recently directed ‘Wrath of the Titans’ and is currently directing ‘Ninja Turtles’.)

The basic premise for the film is that in a small town in America (the town of the title to be exact) an old lady named Matilda (unfortunately not the Roald Dahl character. Although that would make a pretty awesome film. A horror film where Roald Dahl’s Matilda battles off the evil Tooth Fairy to save a town.) would give children who had lost their teeth money, hence gaining the name the ‘tooth fairy’. After a fire at her house leaves her facially disfigured and extremely sensitive to light, she dons a porcelain mask and only ventures out at night. One day two children go missing from the town and the townspeople, blaming Matilda hang her, remove her mask and let her die, Just before dying she curses the town and says she will take all children on the night they lose their last tooth  Shortly afterwards the kids turn up and the town realises their mistake. they bury the body and with it the realisation of what they’ve done. Years later we follow a Girl trying to save her young brother who has just lost his final tooth.

This is the first major mistake of the film. the town has adults. Matilda doesn’t seem to be doing very well with her curse on the town. she seems to have let an awful lot of children go. The film covers many generations of the town and they way the film suggests, only one child has ever survived Matilda’s wrath and that is one of the main characters Kyle Walsh who hid in the bathroom with the lights on until sunrise. Kyle disappears for years and finally reappears when he is grown up. He then strives to protect the young boy Michael before Matilda can take him. (although I think the only reason he is helping Michael is because he loves Michael’s sister Caitlin).

It’s a kind of interesting idea but it is so badly thought out it’s kind of a failure before it even starts. (Although the opening isn’t too bad.) The direction is pretty awful and the script is of the lowest quality. I want to say that the acting is bad, but to be fair with such poor direction and such a poor script to work from they didn’t even have a chance. The one thing that is not that bad is the design of the tooth fairy which was done by the great late Stan Winston. Other than that it has no real redeeming qualities whatsoever. 2/10 (for the tooth fairy design and the basic idea)

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