Quick Movie Review: Beastly – 2011 – directed by Daniel Barnz

Posted: February 3, 2013 in Children's / Teenage Movies, Romance
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A modern retelling of Beauty and the beast starring Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer may not sound like a particularly good idea but to be fair it’s better than it probably should be.

Basic gist of the story is Alex Pettyfer’s character ‘Kyle’ is the pretty boy in school who cares for no one but himself. Along comes Mary-Kate Olsen (yes the one from that show about the twins) who curses him with ‘hideous’ looks unless he can find true love before the all the petals fall off his tattoo of a tree. He falls for Vanessa Hudgens’ character and trys to win her over by any means necessary, including kidnapping (well kinda).

What confused me is the fact that the tattoos and facial scars possible make Pettyfer look far cooler then he previously looked. It made him more of an individual which ultimately he was saying from the start by saying he was more beautiful than everyone else. (I know it’s kind of the point, about looking through the ‘ugly’ outer layers but still.) In fact I think this is a flaw of the original story of Beauty and the Beast. The ‘Beast’ falls for the beautiful girl and ultimately doesn’t change that much. It is the girl who has to fall for and look past the outer layers of the beast, meaning that  although the beast says he has learned about true love, he hasn’t really.

The film is what you’d expect from a teenage romance flick. It’s fun, soppy and mildly cringworthy at times. But to be fair, it’s what I was expecting. There is a great performance from Neil Patrick Harris (the bloke from ‘Starship Troopers’ and ‘How I met your Mother’) as Kyle’s blind tutor. Other than him, no one really stands out as either good or bad. (Mary-Kate’s performance is bordering on bad).

If you want a fairly fun and ‘safe’ romance flick you could do much worse than this. (you could do much better as well. But still…..) Overall 6/10

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