Quick Movie Review – Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot – 1992 – directed by Roger Spottiswoode

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Action, Comedy
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WOW! What a horrible film…. Everything about the idea should’ve set off alarm bells when they were making this film:

  • Stallone in a PG rated film at the height of his ‘Action hero’ era (the era that spawned classics like ‘Cliffhanger’, ‘Demolition Man’ and ‘Tango and Cash’. although it did also spawn ‘Rocky V’ which was easily the worst of the Rocky films)
  • A film about a cop’s mother becoming his partner
  • The title!

It’s just plain bad. I have no idea how the director Roger Spottiswoode (who would later go on to make arguably my favourite James Bond film ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’) could mess up so bad. But it’s not just his fault. The writing is terrible, especially when you consider that it is co-written by Blake Snyder who is arguably one of the most prolific screenwriters ever (from this film you’d never know it).

Stallone is ok in it I guess. He’s just playing a tones down version of his usual ‘action hero’. Estelle Getty plays his mother and I don’t like her in the film. You’re meant to think that she is a kind of loveable old lady. I just hated her and wanted her to get shot, leading to Stallone’s character going on a murderous revenge rampage against her killers. Alas this never happened. Instead I had to put up with 87 minutes of bad jokes, bad acting, bad action (HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET ACTION WRONG WHEN YOU HAVE STALLONE IN THE FILM?????)

It is just a travesty of filmmaking and should be left to fall into obscurity (although me writing this review may lead someone to watch the film.. DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM)   3/10*

*It only scores a 3 because I’ve seen far far worse films………


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